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Causes of exposure keratitis

Bell's palsy

Physiological Lagophthalmos

Ectropion of severe degree

Proptosis causing inadequate closure of eyelid

Symblepheron causing lagophthalmos

Deep coma causing inadequate closure of eyelids


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    The cornea, that crystal clear watch glass-type structure on the front of the eye through which we all see as we look out of the world, defends itself from a hostile and outside world in unusual ways. Unlike the skin, which is bothered very little by a scar which results from the immune system creating inflammation to fight infection around a cut, the cornea is bothered enormously by an exuberant inflammatory response and scarring as a result of that. Indeed, scarring of the cornea is the number one cause of blindness worldwide. The primary cause of such scars is inflammation. Inflammation of the cornea is called keratitis.

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    - keratitis


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