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Clinical picture in Retinoblastoma

1.Quiescent stage :

Leukocoria or yellowish white pupillary reflex (amourotic cat's eye appearance)

Squint (usually convergent)


Defective vision

Ophthalmoscopic features -
Endophytic retinoblastoma - well circumscribed polypoidal mass of white or pearly pink in colour. In presence of calcification, it gives cottage cheese appearance.
Exophytic retinoblastoma - exudative retinal detachment

2. Glaucomatous stage :
Redness, pain, watering

3. Stage of extraocular
extension :
Due to progressive enlargment of the tumor, globe bursts throug the sclera, followed by rapid fungation

4. Stage of distant metastasis : lymphatic, direct and metastasis by blood stream

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