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It is a warty swelling from the skin or often from the mucous membrane. It has got a central axis of connective tissue, blood vessels and lymphatics.

True papilloma :
It is a benign tumor with localised overgrowth of all layers of skin. It contains sweat glands , sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Infective papilloma :
It is a warty lesion due to infection eg : condyloma acuminata
Papilloma may be single or multiple, pigmented or nonpigmented.

Papilloma can occur in the breast called duct papilloma which is the commonest cause of bloody discharge from the nipple

Differential diagnosis :
Amelanotic melanoma, pedunculated lipoma and carcinoma.

Treatment :
True papilloma is excised with its base along with surrounding 1 cm skin margin
Infective warts are treated by excision or CO2 snow or diathermy coagulation

Complications of papilloma:
Malignant change
Mechanical disability such as voice change when it occurs in vocal cord

Fibroepithelial papilloma also called skin tags / achrochordon is very common benign skin lesion of usually 5 mm diameter in size, common in adults, common in neck, axilla, thigh and groin.

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