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Penetration keratoplasty (full thickness corneal grafting)

Donor tissue :
Donor eye should be removed as early as possible (within 6 hours)

Methods of corneal preservation :
Short term (up to 48 hours) at 4 degree celcius
Intermediate (up to 2 weeks) in McCarey-Kaufman medium
Long term up to 35 days by organ culture method

Surgical technique :
1. Excision of donor corneal button : 0.25 mm larger than the recipient
2. Excision of recipient corneal button : with the help of corneal trephine, a partial thickness incision is made in the host cornea. Then, anterior chamber is entered with the help of a razor blade knife and excision is completed using corneo-scleral scissors.
3. Suturing of corneal graft into the host bed is done with either continuor or interrupted 10 -0 nylon sutures

Complications :
Early complications - flat anterior chamber, iris prolapse, infection, secondary glaucoma, epithelial defects and primary graft failure
Late complications - graft rejection, recurrence of disease and astigmatism

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