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Treatment of congenital dacrocystitis

Nasolacrimal duct block, up to 6-8weeks
Massage over the lacrimal sac area 4 times daily followed by instillation of antibiotic drops. Massage increases the hydrostatic pressure inside the sac and helps to open the membranous occlusions.

Up to age of 2 months
Lacrimal syringing with normal saline and antibiotic solution

Up to 3-4 months
Probing of NLD with Bowman's probe

If repeated probings are a failure, intubations with silicon tube can be performed

If the child is brought very late, conservative treatment by massaging, topical antibiotics and intermittent lacrimal syringing should be continued till 4 years. Dacrocystorhinostomy operations after 4 years of age.

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