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Commonest Site Of Intestinal Lesions

Lymphoma( Non hodgkins)Stomach (Least : Rectum)
Adenomatous polypiSigmoid, rectum
Polypi in Puetzjeghers syndromeAlways Jejunum is involved
Familial Polyposis and Gardener’s syndromeColon
ZES gastrinomaPancreas
Carcinoma small intestineJejunum
Carcinoma Colon Rectum > Sigmoid colon
Tuberculosis UlcerSmall Intestine( transverse)
Typhoid UlcerSmall Intestine ( Longitudinal)
Crohn’s diseaseStarts at or near Ileocaecal Valve
Ulcerative ColitisStarts at rectum
Hirshprung’s Diseaseupper limit is Rectosigmoid junction
Diverticulosis90% in sigmoid ( Rectum is never involved)
Perforation in TyphoidSmall intestine near Ileocaecal Junction
Pneumatosis CystoidesSmall Intestine
Immobile part of ColonLast 7.5 cms of Pelvic Colon
Loop ColostomyTransverse Section
Commonest Type of IntussesceptionIleocaecal
Intussesception with gangreneIleocaecal
Intussesception in infantLast 50 cms of ileum
Intussesception in old peopleColocolic By Pappilary Carcinoma
Intussesception in adoloscentInverted Meckel’s Diverticulum
Volvulus Neonatorum Midgut( Whole small intestine and Caecum)
Volvulus Small intestineTower ileum
Ischemic ColitisSplenic flexure
Dilatation of Gut in Chaga’s diseaseOesophagus and Colon
in Blast Injury Pelvic Colon 

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