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Some interesting facts about the brain

1. The brain makes up of 2% of total body weight
2. The brain doesn’t feel pain
3. The brain has huge oxygen needs about 20% of supplied oxygen  
4. 80% of the brain is water, always need to be hydrated properly
5. The  brain is more active at night rather than the day
6. The brain needs only 10 watts of power to operate
7. The brain changes shape during puberty, especially during teen years
8. The brain stores all information from day 1 to death
9. The neurons in the brain travel faster but at different speeds, that is why we recall some information faster and some take time.
10.Recent study identified that a higher I Q means you dream more, and also it helps to fight mental illness…seen in actual experience…smarter people fight their mental illness and try to lead normal life.

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