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Stains for Organisms


a) Pneumococci 
b) Cryptococci
India ink
India ink
C. Diptheriae Methylene Blue, Ponder’s , Albert’s, Neisser’s Stains
Treponemes a) Giemsa Stain
b) Levaditi Stain
AnthraxSudan black 
Gr. Inguinale Wright’s Stain
Pneumocystisis cariniiMethanamine silver nitrate
TrichomonasBrilliant Cresylviolet 1%
NocardiaAcid fast stains
T.BAuramine and Rhodamine also 
Nocardia, TB, LeprosyAcid fast stains.

  Arrangement of Bacteria
Streptococci Chains
AnthraxChains ( Bamboo stick appearance)
Staphylococci Bunches
MeningococciPairs mainly intracellular
GonococciPairs mainly intracellular
DiptheriaeCuneiform or Chinese letter pattern
Enterococci Pairs at angle ( Oval Cells) or short chains
Cl. WelchiiSingle or chain or bundles
Morax- Axenfield BacilusDiplobacillus
Leprosy BacilliIn globi, cigar bundle appearance

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