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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

  1. Ideal test to detect bone metastasis to only spine .( all other bones - metastasis : bone scan )
  2. imaging of pancoast’s tumor ( superior sulcus tumor )
  3. imaging of posterior mediastinal masses
  4. for all brain tumors ( contrast enhanced MRI )
  5. chronic subarachnoid hemorrhage
  6. investigation of choice in traumatic paraplegia
  7. the most sensitive and specific investigation in renal artery hypertension
  8. investigation of choice in aortic dissection
  9. in perinatal asphyxia , neurological damage can be predicted by MRI
  10. the best investigation for parameningeal rhabdomyosarcoma
  11. best choice to radiologically evaluate a posterior fossa tumor
  12. a patient is suspected to have vestibular schwannoma , the investigation of choice for its diagnosis is GADOLINIUM enhanced MRI .
  13. best diagnosis for dissecting aorta ( aortic dissection )
  14. the most accurate investigation for assessing ventricular function
  15. investigation of choice for evaluation of suspected perthes disease
  16. 40 year old female patient on long term steroid therapy presents with recent onset of severe pain in the right hip. Imaging modality of choice for this patient is MRI .
  17. investigation of choice for a pregnant lady with upper abdominal mass
  18. first investigation of choice for spinal cord tumor
  19. investigation of choice for multiple sclerosis
  20. in MRI strength of magnetic field is 1.1 Tesla.

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