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Radiological appearance of heart in various diseases

*Fallots Tetralogy : Boot shaped heart
(Remember this as : Fallot shoe Company.)

*Tricuspid Atresia: Box shaped heart
(Draw a box , that is a cube , u can only view 3 sides of a cube , right? so 3 is for tricuspid , thats why tricuspid atresia.)

*TAPVC (total anomalus pulmonary venous connection.) : Snow man appearance , 8 shaped heart , cottage loaf appearance.
(imagine and view a giant Yati (snow man) is bringing a large loaf of bread which is 8 shaped . i mean not vertical '8' but horizontal '8' )
- The below picture shows a cottage loaf :

*Constrictive pericarditis : Egg in cup
(you are putting a large egg in a cup, it’s not getting in , so u r constricitng it.. and pressing it .. )

*Pericardial effusion : water bottle , pear shaped .
(imagine a patient has got pericardial effusion and a water bottle or bisleri is coming out from his left chest wall... the bottle is filled with many pears!)

*Pulmonary hypertension : Jug handle
(Imagine - a jug is tightly packed , the lid is so much tight , but the Jug has got Hypertension , so ultimately the lid just pops up!)

*Transposition of vessels : egg shell cracking
(imagine a huge Ostrich Egg , containing many veins and arteries, all transposed and getting bigger and bigger , causing cracking of the egg )

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