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Antibodies and Immunoglobulins

All Antibodies are Immunoglobulins but All Immnuglobulins are not Antibodies.
Ig are glycoprotiens.

Source for preparation of Human Gamma GlobulinsPlacenta
Smallest IgIg G 
Largest IgIg M 
Heat Labile IgIg E 
Reagenic AntibodyIg E 
Earliest Antibody to be Synthesised Ig M 
Ig that crosses PlacentaIg G 
Ig with Minimum LifeIg E 
Ig that protects SurfacesIg A 
Mainly Intravascular IgIg M 
Warm AntibodiesIg G 
Cold AntbodiesIg M 
Ig Present in MilkIg G and Ig A 
Commonest Ig DeficiencyDeficiency of Ig A. 

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