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Colony Appearance in Culture for Organisms


Colony Appearance in CultureOrganism
1. Draughtsman ( Concentric Rings)Pneumococci
2. (a) Medusa Head (b) Frosted Glass
(C) Inverted Fir Tree in Stab Culture
B. Anthracis
3. Swimming Growth ( Fishy or Seminal Smell)Proteus
4. Swarm of Gnats Or Fish in Stream, darting motility.V. Cholerae
5. Stalactite growth, safety pin appearanceYersinia Pestis
6. Thumb print appearance, Bisected pearls or mercury drops , Aluminium Paint appearanceB. Pertussis
7. Cigar bundle ( globi ) appearanceM.Leprae
8. Fried eggMycoplasma
9. Bread crumbActinomyces israelii
10. Oil PaintStaphylococci
11. School of Red fishH. ducreyi
12. Stately MotilityClostrida

*Daisy head colonies---------------------------------------- Corynbact gravis
*Frogs egg colonies----------------------------------------- Corynbact intermedius
*Poached egg colonies-------------------------------------- Corynbact mitis


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