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Commonest Site of Lesions

ErysipelasFace and scrotum
CellulitisScrotum and scalp
Sebaceous cystScalp, Face, Scrotum
KeloidSternum, face and Neck
Lymphangioma and hemangiomaTongue, lip
CarbuncleBack, nape of neck and shoulders
Nodular LeprosyFace, arm
Implantation dermoidHand and finger
Dermoid cystExternal angle of eye
Subcutaneous lipomaShoulder, back and buttock
Perforating ulcerUnder the base of first metatarsal
Lupus vulgarisFace and arm
Instrumental perforation of oesophagusCricopharyngeal area
Dercum’s diseaseTrunk
Soft fibromaFace
Gangrene by ergot Fingers. Nose and ear
PhlebolithPelvic veins
Molluscum FibrosumNeck, trunk and Face
Sclerosing angioma (Dermatofibroma or Sub Epidermal nodular fibrosis)Limbs
Kaposi’s SarcomaLimbs
Granuloma PyogenicumFace, fingers, toes
CornToes, feet
CallocityHand (Gardener’s Hand)
Malignant MelanomaMales – trunk
Females- leg
Hutchinson’s Melanotic freckleSun exposed areas
Sub–ungual exostosisGreat toe
Hyperpigmentation in Addison’s diseaseExposed areas and creases of palms
Pregnancy tumourGums and tongue
Pseudo tumour in hyperparathyroidismJaws
Erythema MultiformeExtensor surfaces
PsoriasisKnee, elbow, scalp
Inverse psoriasisBody folds (severe itching present)
MiliariaCovered areas
Chronic discoid lupusFace (Tacklike scales)
Tinea versicolorTrunk
Keratoderma blenorrhagicumSole of the foot 

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