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X Ray Appearances


Snowman appTAPVR ( Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return)
Cottage leaf appTAPVR
Figure of 8 appTAPVR
COEUR en Sabot(boot app)Tetrology of Fallot
Box shape appEbstein's anomaly
Jug handle appPrimary PAH
Egg on side appTGV (Transposition of Great Vessels)
Egg in cup appConstrictive Pericarditis
Calcification of cerebral cortex(Railroad Calcification)Sturge Weber Syndrome
Diffuse Nodular calcificationToxoplasmosis
Amorphous Supracelluler CalcificationCraniopharyngioma 
Basal ganglia calcificationHypoparathyroidism (Commonest)
Rice grain CalcificationCysticerosis
Periventricular CalcificationCMV Infection
Sunray Calfication with spicules of brainMeningioma
Bone thickening at site of brain tumourMeningioma
Punched out RareficationMultiple myeloma, sarcoidosis, Gout
Peppr pot or Salt and pepper appHyperparathyroidism
Beaten silver appRaised intracranial pressure
Post clenoid erosionRaised intracranial pressure
Candle grease dripping or trouser leg appearanceIntramedullary tumours in myelography
Extramedullary Tumours of spinal cord 
  • Meningioma 
  • Neurofibroma
wavy upper border
Crescentic border

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