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Commonest Causes/Conditions


Commonest Congenital Malformation Without manifestationBicuspid aortic Valve
Commonest Congenital heart disease causing hyper tension in neonatesCoarctation of aorta
Commonest Cause of Cyanosis in new bornTransposition of Great Vessels
Commonest disease complicated by SBERheumatic Mitral Regurgitation
Congenital heart disease with rare SBEASD
Congenital heart disease with Common SBEVSD
Congenital heart disease with CHF in new bornHypoplastic left heart Syndrome (Mitral and aortic atresia)
Heart disease where CHF is rareFallot’s Tetrology
Differential Cyanosis1. PDA with reversal
2. Preductal Coarctation

(A) Commonest Causes
Haemoptysis in childPneumonia
Haematemesis in infancyAcute Duodenal ulcer (Stress Sepsis)
Bleeding per rectum 
  • Infants 
  • Children
  • fissure in ano 
  • polyp
Common Cause of constant crying in a babyHunger
Convulsions in new bornHypoglycemia 
Large intestinal obstruction in infancyHirschsprung’s Disease

(B) Commonest Conditions
Commonest Malignancy in ChildrenLeukamia
Commonest abdominal tumour in childrenNeuroblastoma
Commonest Bone tumour in ChildrenOsteogeneic sarcoma
Commonest brain tumour in children (Space occupying lesion)Tuberculoma

(C) Miscellaneous
Commonest paediatric ComplaintU.R.I
Fever in child Commonly due to U.R.I
Common cause of continuous dry coughEosinophilia
Pneumonia in child commonly due to Viral
Commonest site of intestinal atresiaileum, duodenum
Common complication of Ramstedt’s operationHypothermia

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