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Milestones in Children

Social Smile2 months
Recognises mother and head control3 months
Holds object and takes it to mouth4 months
Sitting on slight support5 months
Enjoys mirror6 months
Sits alone momentarily6 months
Transfers object from head to hand6 months
Rolls Over7 months
Sits steadily7-8 months
Crawls in bed8 months
Monosyllabic words ( Mama , Dada)9 months
Creeps10 months
Cruises around furniture10 months
Builds a tower of 2 cubes and pincer grasp12 months
Can turn two or three pages of a book13 months
Walks alone13- 14 months
Walks Sideways and backwards15 months
Builds a tower of three cubes18 months
Feeds Self18 months
Can drop and draw a horizontal or vertical line2 Years
Can turn one page at a time2 Years
Able to wear socks or shoes2 Years
Can remove his pants2 ½ Years
Can draw a circle3 Years
Can dress or undress completely and buckle his shoes3 Years
Knows age and sex3 Years
Can copy and draw a cross ( Plus Sign)4 Years
Can draw a rectangle4 ½ Years
Can draw a tilted cross (Multiplication sign)5 Years
Can draw a triangle5 ½ Years
Bladder Control- Diurnal12- 16 months
Nocturnal2 ½ Years to 3 Years

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