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F. Caecum The foramen anterior to the Crista Galli in the base of the Skull.
F. Caecum Located at the junction of Ant 2/3 rds and Post 1/3 rd of tongue (in midline)
Epiploic ForamenCommunication between Greater and lesser sacs of peritoneal cavity.
F of LangerA foramen in the axillary fascia through which the Axillary tail of Spence ( Part of Breast) passes through
F of Monro (Interventricular F)Opening of lateral ventricles into III ventricle.
F of MagendieMedian aperture in the Roof of fourth Ventricle.
F of LuschkaOpenings of the Lateral recesses of fourth Ventricle.
F of ScarpaIncisor Foramen in the mouth.
F of VesaliiTransmits veins communicating between the Cavernous sinus to Pterygoid Plexus
F.Ovale Transmits Mandibular Nerve and Accessory Meningeal nerve
F. RotundumTransmits Maxillary Nerve
F. Spinosum Transmits Middle Meningeal Nerve
Stylomastoid ForamenTransmits Facial Nerve
Jugular ForamenTransmits 1. Sigmoid Sinus 2. Inferior Petrosal Sinus 3. 9th, 10th, 11th cranial Nerves 4. Int. jugular vein
F. Transversarium of 6th Cervical VertebraTransmits Vertebral Artery 

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