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Inclusion Bodies


Halberstaedter- Prowazek BodiesTrachoma
Miyagawa’s granulocorpusles Buboes from LGV
Lygranum AntigenLGV
Babes- Ernst granulesCorynebacterium Diptheriae
Morula cells with Ig M DepositsTryponosomiasis
Councilman bodies and Torres bodiesYellow fever
Donovan bodies Granuloma Inguinale
Leishman Donovan BodiesKala –azar
PsittacosisLCL bodies ( Levinthal Cole Lille Bodies)
Warthin- Finkedly Giant CellsMeasles
Call- Exner bodiesSpherical Globules surrounded by Granulosa cells in ovary
Walthard InclusionsIn ovarian Cortex.
Lewis BodiesParkinsonism
Russel BodiesMultiple Myeloma
Owl-eye inclusionsa)CMV b) Herpes

Viral Inclusion Bodies

A)Intra Cytoplasmic 
RabiesNegri bodies
Small poxGaurnier bodies
Molluscum ContagiosumHenderson Roterson bodies
Fowl poxBollinger bodies
TrachomaHalberstaedter- Prowazek Bodies

B)Intra Nuclear Inclusions 
Cowdry type AHerpes Virus( Lipschutz Inclusions) Yellow fever ( Torres Bodies)
Cowdrey Type BAdeno Virus ( Basophilic) Poliovirus ( acidophilic)

C)Both Intra Nuclear and Cytoplasmic  1) Measles Virus 

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