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Radio Isotope Scans

Scan Isotope Used
Liver and Biliary functionTc99, Tc glycoheptonate
Spleen, MarrowTc 99
LungTc 99 macroaggregates
Lung ventilationXenon gas
KidneyTc 99, Tc Labelled derivatives
Brain, boneTc pertechnetate
Myocardial functionTc albumin
Myocardial infarctionTc pyrophosphate
Myocardial perfusionThalluim Chloride
Tumor or abscessGallium citrate
Pancreas scanSelenomethiomine, Se 75
Thyroid malignancySelenium
Thyroid functionIodine 131

Radiation Emitted
Gamma raysCobalt, Caesium, Technetium.
Beta raysStrontium, Gold, phosphorus
Dye used
Sialography Neohydriol
UrethrographyUmbradil Viscous V
I.V.PSodium diatrizoate
Intestinal obstructionGastrograffin
Ventriculography Metrizamide and
And Myelography Iopendylate (Myodil)
CholecsystographyIdopamide, Meglumine Ioglyconate
Sodium MetrizoateSplenoportography
Hysterosalpingography50% Diodone with 6 % polyvinyl alcohol in water 

Half Life
Iodine 1322 to 3 hours
Technitium6 hours
Iodine 12313 hours
Gold2.7 days
Thallium chloride3.1 days
Gallium3.2 days
Radon3.8 days
Xenon gas5.2 days
Iodine 1318 days
Phosporous 3214.3 days
Iridium74.5 days
Tantalum115 days
Cobalt 695 years
Strontium28 years
Caesium30 years
Ra1622 years
Ultra Sonography
M- ModeFor moving parts eg, valves of heart etc.
A ScopeFor cerebral lesions. Shift of mid- line structures
B ScopeFor 2 dimensional view eg. Obstetrics and abdominal masses
Grey scales Foe Contrast studies

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