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Salivary Glands- General

Palate is the common site among minor salivary glands for mucoepidermoid tumour and pleomorphic adenoma.
Parotid stones are Radiolucent
Submandibular stones are Radio opaque
Adenoid cystic carcinoma spreads intracranially through nerves
Commonest Salivary malignancy- Adenoid cystic
Commonest Salivary tumour of childhood – Mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Patients with adenoid cystic Carcinoma present with pain
1. Mamillated infiltration is seen in – Gumma nose
2. Treatment of Stewarts granuloma- Radiotherapy
3. Treatment of Wegeners granulomatosis- Radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
4. Unilateral nasal obstruction- Common cause Deviated Nasal Septum
5. Mulberry like inferior turbinate- Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis.
6. Rhinitis Sicca- May be caused by practolol
7. Rhinitis casseosa- Cholesteatoma of Sinus
8. Mucosal polyp obstruction- Discharge is always present
9. Sinusitis – the common complaint is discharge
10. In vestibular lesion:  Symptom- Vertigo
Sign- Nystagamus
11. In Vasomotor rhinitis only turbinates are involved.
12. Regarding nasal septum- a) Not involved in vasomotor rhinitis b) Primary nasal tumours are common
13. Septal replacement is done with- Ash’s Forceps.
14. Nasal bone replacement is done with- Walsham’s forceps.
15. Palliative radiotherapy is rarely given for 
  1. Carcinoma PNS 
  2. Carcinoma Hypopharynx 
( Because it produces mucositis and pain) 

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