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1. FuruncleIcthymolglycerine
2. Diffuse Otitis externaIrrigation with normal saline
3. Acute and chronic otitis externaGentamycin and Corticosteroids
4. Otomycosis2 % Salicyclic acid in alcohol
5. Otitis externa with dandruffSalicyclic acid, Sulphur and Petroleum Jelly
6. Keratosis obturransSoften with Sodium bicarbonate and syringing
7. Maggots in ear Chloroform vapour application. Later removal
8. Migrainous neuralgiaClonidine HCL
9. Epistaxis 
  1. Bleeding from above the middle turbinate 
  2. Bleeding from below the middle turbinate 
  3. If clotting factors are decreased 
  4. In children 
Cautery is the treatment of choice except in children. Best agent is chromic acid. Safe is electric cautery
Clip the Anterior Ethmoidal artery
Clip the Maxillary artery and branch
No pack, best is cautery
Petroloeum jelly application is used
10. AngiofibromaSurgery
11. Angiofibroma with bone destructionRadiation
12. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and lymphomaRadiation including neck lymph nodes
13. Squamous cell carcinoma of the faceRadiotherapy
14. Squamous cell carcinoma with cartilage involvementSurgery

15. Carcinoma Oesophagus
1) Upper 1/3 middle 1/3 Radiation ( if it recurs- surgery)
2) Lower 1/3 
a) Squamous cell CarcinomaRadiation ( if recurs- surgery)
b) AdenocarcinomaSurgery

16) Larynx
a) Transglottic CaTotal laryngectomy and radical neck dissection if lymph nodes are involved
b) Subglottic CaRadiation. If recurrence- Surgery

17) Pharynx
A) Oropharyngeal Tumours
a) Tonsil
1) No lymph nodal involvementRadiation
2) Lymph nodes involvedCommando operation
b) Base of tongueRadiation
c) Soft PalateRadiation
d) Posterior pharyngeal wall Radiation
e) Lymphoma tonsil Surgery
Lymphoma other sitesRadiation
B) Carcinoma hypopharynxRadiation and surgery after 3 weeks
C) Pyriform fossa
a) SmallTotal laryngectomy, partial pharyngectomy and radical neck dissection 
b) Large ( involving post cricoid area)Total laryngopharyngectomy
D) Post cricoid carcinomaRadiation- if it fails laryngo pharyngo Oesophagectomy
18. Post wall of Hypopharynx
a) SarcomaSurgery
b) Carcinoma
1) No lymph node involvementRadiation
2) Lymph node involvedSurgery
19. Mouth
a) Mouth floor carcinomaSurgery
b) Adenod cystic carcinoma of the Hard palateSurgery and removal of greater palatine nerve
20. Chondroma of cricoidLocal removal
21. Carcinoma of Auricle -squamous cell carcinomaRadiotherapy followed by surgery
22. CeruminomaSurgery and Radiotherapy
23. Glomus jugulare tumour
a) very small Surgery
b) Little extendedRadiation ( Very Vascular, bleeds during surgery)
24. Buccal
a) Verrucous and Exophyte tumourSurgery
b) UlcerativeRadiation
25. External Auditory meatus--- squamous cell carcinoma
  1. Radiotherapy 
  2. Surgery 2nd line of treatment. 
26. Amyloid larynxLocal removal
27. Pierre Robbins SyndromeBeverly Douglas Operation
28. ASOM: In Children In AdultsH. Influenza-----Ampicillin Pneumococci, Streptococci----- Pencillin
29. Congenital Laryngeal Hemangioma(Subglottic) injection of Sclerosants

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