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Signs and symptoms- Commonest, First or Most Important


Cardinal symptom of myocardial infectionChest Pain
Acute MyocarditisTachycardia
C L.LPainless, discrete, lymphadenopathy
C M LChronic ill health and lassitude
Hairycell LeukamiaGeneral ill health and infection
SclerodermaRaynaud’s phenomenon
Impetigo and DermatophytidItching may be the only symptom
Conn’s SyndromeWeakness
Adrenal crisisGastro intestinal Symptoms
Ca. OesophagusProgressive dysphagia
AchalasiaIntermittent dysphagia
T.B. PeritonitisPain abdomen- 90%
Crohns Disease 
  1. Acute 
  2. Chronic
Presents like Appendicitis Pain
Ulcerative ColitisDiarrhoea
Dynamic Intestinal obstructionPain occurs first
AppendicitisPain first, vomiting next, fever last ( Murphy’s triad)
Zenker’s pharyngo Oesophageal diverticulumDysphagia
Leiomyoma stomachHematemesis
Biliary cirrhosisPruritus
Varicose veinsTired aching, especially in calf, late in the day
NeuroblastomaMass per abdomen
Renal artery AneurysmPain
Renal calculusIntermittent dull ache
T.B.KidneysIncreased frequency ( earliest and often the only symptom)
Vesical calculusFrequency- earliest
Acoustic NeuromaUnilateral deafness
Most important in fracture dislocation of dorsolumbar vertebraGap palpable between spines
Secondaries in spinePain
Extramedullary tumor of cordRoot pain
Glomus jugulare tumorPulsating tinnitus
Chronic dacryocystitisEpiphora
Spring CatarrhItching

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