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AIIMS May 2010 Mcqs with answers part 1

1q: Vitamin A prophylaxis is an example of which of the following
a. Specific protection
b. Health promotion
c. Secondary protection
d. Primordial prevention

2q: What is the drug of choice for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?
a. Imipramine
b. Alprazolam
c. Benzodiazepines
d. Fluoxetine

3q: A 60 year old presents with total painless gross hematuria. Investigation of choice to know the cause of hematuria would be
a. USG
b. KUB X-ray
c. Urine C/E
d. Urine for malignant cells

4q: Portal flow is decreased to lowest in
a. Halothane
b. Isoflurane
c. Ether
d. Enflurane

5q: Cryoglobulinemia is associated with
a. Hepatitis A
b. Hepatitis B
c. Hepatitis C
d. Hepatitis D

6q: Which of the following is not used in a 26 year old patient with Sickle cell anemia?
a. IV regional anaesthesia
b. Brachial plexus supraclavicular application block
c. Brachial plexus axillary approach block
d. ??????

7q: Post glenohumeral instability is tested by which of the following
a. Crank test
b. Fulcrum test
c. Jerk test
d. Sulcus test

8q: A 20 year old has a swollen right ankle involvement with nodular painful swelling. He has associated fever and malaise. What is the probable diagnosis
a. Hansen disease
b. Weber christian disease
c. Erythema nodosum

9q: A 35 year old lady with parity = 3, presents with CIN III. What is the treatment of choice?
a. Cryotherapy
c. Conisation
d. Hysterectomy

10q: Faecal contamination of water is indicated by all except
a. Streptococcus
b. Staph.aureus
c. E.coli
d. Clostridium perfringens

11q: Which of the following is most diagnostic of Rabies?
a. Negri bodies
b. Guarnerii bodies
c. Cowdry B bodies

12q: Meralgia paresthetica is due to the involvement of
a. Sural nerve
b. Medial cutaneous nerve of thigh
c. Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
d. Peroneal nerve

13q: Anterior ethmoidal nerve supplies all except
a. Dura matter in Anterior fossa
b. Internal nasal cavity
c. Ethmoidal cells
d. Lining of maxillary sinus

14q: What is the most sensitive test for the detection of prostate cancer
a. Per rectal examination
b. Per rectal examination + PSA
c. PSA
d. MRI coil inside rectum

15q: What is the best investigation for Fracture of temporal bone?
a. CT
b. MRI
c. X-ray
d. Angiography

16q: CYP3A inhibition is caused by all except
a. Saquinavir
b. Ritonavir

*Here is a list of drugs which cause CYP3A inhibition. 

17q: Chang classification is associated with
a. Retinoblastoma
b. Medulloblastoma
c. Ewing's sarcoma

18q: Appendices epiploicae are present in
a. Caecum
b. appendix
c. sigmoid colon
d. Rectum

19q: A woman with placenta previa - bleeds - What is most likely to occur after delivery?
a. lack of menstrual cycles
b. galactorrhea
c. Diabetes insipidus

20q: Fastest decrease in K+ levels are achieved by
a. Calcium gluconate
b. Insulin + Glucose
c. Potassium resins
d. NaHCO3

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