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Secondary skin lesions description

1. lichenification : a distinctive thickening of the skin that is characterized by accentuated skin-fold markings

2. scale : excessive accumulation of stratum corneum

3. crust : dried exudate of body fluids that may be either yellow (that is serous crust) or red (that is hemorrhagic crust).

4. erosion : loss of epidermis without an associated loss of dermis

5. ulcer : loss of epidermis and atleast a portion of the underlying dermis

6. excoriation : linear, angular erosions that may be covered by crust and are caused by scratching .

7. atrophy : an acquired loss of substance . in the skin , this may appear as a depression with intact epidermis ( that is loss of dermal or subcutaneous tissue ) or as sites of shiny ,delicate ,wrinkled lesions ( that is epidermal atrophy )

8. scar : a change in the skin secondary to trauma or inflammation. Sites may be erythematous, hypopigmented or hyperpigmented depending on their age or character . sites on hair-bearing areas may be characterized by destruction of hair follicles .

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